P R I N T   W I T H O U T   C O M P R O M I S E

Attention to Detail

Different from high-volume print shops, redlab is a small, highly specialized custom print studio. We maintain sharp focus throughout the process and handle your images as our own.


We understand that every artist has their own aesthetic. We collaborate with you in achieving the optimal print you have in mind. The more you can tell us, the better.


A colour and gray managed print studio, redlab employs tools and technology ensuring precise control over how the inks go to paper and how the prints would be seen in different lighting.


We use materials of  excellent permanence. Handled properly, the prints would last a lifetime.

Fine Art Colour Print

Wide gamut paper, ink and printer combination for highly saturated colors and overall color response.

Fine Art Black and White Print

Advanced RIP and custom curves giving extreme control on density, blending and linearization for the B&W process.

A R T I S T   P R I N T

M E E T   T H E   C R E W

Michael de Guzman

Michael de Guzman

Coder Extraordinaire

Co-founder of Beyond Monochrome – a group that raises awareness of Fine-Art Photography. A lover of all things tech and the only practicing Piezography printer in the country. Known to his friends as MDG, a software engineer by profession and an aspiring F1 racer. He doesn’t smoke.

Raymond Cruz

Raymond Cruz

Design Architect

The man behind Redefining Vision and a Nikon Ambassador. Raymond has been around the country spreading the love of photography as an event organizer and educator. A full time photographer and a design ninja at night, he has 24 hours of visual elements in his mind. Doesn’t drink coffee. Well, he used to.

ReD Ognita

ReD Ognita


A gallery represented artist,  ReD has turned his focus to Fine Art printing. An Immigration Co-ordinator turned dream weaver. Dreams in Black and White and gets excited by paper and ink. The only member who drinks coffee and smokes.


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redlabis a highly specialized print studio; run and managed by exhibiting artist focused on Fine-Art photography and custom printing. A member of Aardenburg Imaging and a proud partner of Globis Inc.
Address: 105 Calamba St. Sta. Mesa Heights 1114 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (appointment only)
Email: info@redlabph.com