Raymond Cruz X PHILEX

Project Details
Date: 2016
Scope: Photography



Venue: Various Meralco locations
Date: 2016
Scope: Commissioned shoot

Full Series

A World Unto Itself – Book

Book Dedication

These photographs created by ReD Ognita allow us a unique glimpse of a different side of Meralco. More than just distributing power, some of the Company’s structures are landmarks in their own right. These buildings, both big and small, contain countless stories within them, from compelling tales to the minutiae of daily life in the company, and everything in between. These images allow us to see the rich tapestry that is Meralco. Built on various structures and countless people who have given their time, their skill, and large parts of their life in making the company what it is today.

It is my hope that these images inspire all of us to look back at what Meralco has built and how it continues its journey in service of the Filipino people.

Manuel V. Pangilinan

Project Details
Book: 30 Pages. Pigment Print. Black and White
Date: 2016
Scope: Photography, layout, printing, and binding

A World Unto Itself – Exhibition

Project Statement

It is not uncommon for Red Ognita to create a visual dialog between art and life. It is evident in his portfolio, how every element is treated as a distinct entity through his artistic interpretation. In this rare collection of work, Red achieves poetic images that evoke the complex and meditative process of articulating the unspoken stories that each object, texture, or structure echoes.

These tales are not told in the usual portrayal of human form or action in photographs. In his creative process, the artist listens, and recognizes these untold stories. The result is not simply a literal documentation of what exists in the company. Rather, the artist draws out the subject’s essential quality—whether it be simplicity, strength, or scale—and intuitively allow it to tell its own tale.

In the gentle tug of war between light and shadow, we see perseverance and dignity. In their monolithic stance, towering columns epitomize unwavering service and commitment. In the seemingly mundane, like in the still life of linemen’s weathered boots, we are told that no detail is too small. Every voice, and every effort counts.

The dynamic balance of contrasts and composition in these photographs monumentalize the dedication, energy, and creativity that the people behind Meralco have given to every community they serve.
While staying true to his vision, the artist tells stories both of collective legacies and of small, everyday victories. Of equal measure, Red tells us to see the rhythm in structures, the light in shadows, and the power in elegance. Rising above mere depiction of architectural assemblage, the photographs show each entity as a world unto itself.

Project Details
Venue: MERALCO, Ortigas
Date: 2016
Scope: Photography, Fine Art printing, Mounting and Installation


Project Statement

Beyond Monochrome is an exploration of the borders of Black and White photography in the field of art. The subjects depicted are landscapes, either geographic or corporal. With an apparent absence of grit,  a character predominant in black and white photography, the artists’ works in this exhibition filter the silence from the noise.

The creative process is not the one that merely involves bleeding the image dry of its palette. Instead, image making undergoes a meditative process that is deeply anchored on each artists personal vision. The absence of grit is deliberately replaced by the weight of time, revealed in the way the artists carefully constructed the images. In some, time is presented as a fragment of a moment that resists replication. In others, time drags its heavy feet, deceptively creating a visual illusion that hangs between stillness and motion.

A semblance of space is created, but it is never really  the geographic references nor the corporal landscape that these images are about. Rather, the works in this exhibition delicately define the silence in black and white, the unspoken grays in photography at a time when the medium is gripped by velocity and mass commercial use.

Collaborators: Group Exhibition
Venue: VETRO Gallery
Date: 2016
Scope: Concept, Fine Art printing, Mounting, Installation


Client: Cez Young
Venue: Titanium Industries, Ortigas
Date: 2016
Scope: Fine Art Printing

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